Ed Westwick Video

Ed Westwick started his movie career in 2006. Ed Westwick in Children of Man took a minor role. This drama and horror movie is apocalyptic, it portrays the world that is dragged in wars, and the youngest person alive that was 18 just died. In 50 years the whole human race is about to vanish, but accidently one pregnant woman appeared to change everything.

The very same year Ed Westwick appeared in film Breaking and Entering, where he played also one of less essential roles.

2007 was also not the luckiest year in Ed Weswicks filmography charts. That year Ed played another minor role in movie Son of Rambo. This movie is hilarious story about how two little children decides to film action movie called Son of Rambo, and all the great stories that happen on their film set.

Finally in 2008 Ed Weswick’s movies start changing their course and Ed gets important role in horror thriller movie 100 feet. This movie is based on woman’s storyline, who was arrested for murdering her husband in defense. She gets home with an ankle bracelet, which gives a signal to police officers when woman crosses more than 100 feet from the hallway. However, the biggest problem is not that bracelet, but her dead husband, who still desires revenge and makes her life in this house a living hell. Then appears Joey, a delivery boy who soon becomes her lover and is killed by her husband’s ghost, after she and Jeoy spends a night together. Joey was portrayed by Ed Westwick.

In 2009 Ed Westwick stared in sci-fi mystery movie S. Darko where he played one of the leading roles.

Next year he portrayed a bellboy in lift in movie The Commuter, you think it is a minor role? Well taking into consideration, that this film is six and a half minutes length and Ed got three sentences to say in it, we think it is very important role. This movie was filmed entirely with Nokia N8 in HD. In this short movie also stared Pamela Anderson and Charles Dance.

Ed Westwick chose different type of films, their genre range is wide, we already reviewed some adventure, action, horror, thriller, drama and sci-fi movies. And here comes the turn for some really good romantic story. In 2010 Ed Westwick plays one of the main roles in Chalet Girl. Chalet girl in Ed Westwick’s career was like cool breeze, long waited good role in a popular movie.

In 2012 and 2013, when finished filming Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick enriched his filmographies list with some really great movies such as Romeo and Juliet, and Last Flight. And now four new movies (A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island, Bone In The Throat, The Kitchen Sink and Take Down), are waiting to be released.